Warning… there are dangers in changing cultural standards of the past to the new standards of today.

I battle daily in my field of marketing the temptations of organizations to change quickly to the future technologies of today’s society. The online revolution in marketing changes so fast and so dramatically that it is hard not to just jump into the raging river without a life vest.

This last week my school district where my children will be hopefully graduating from in the next 4-7 years respectively, chose to jump into a raging river of change involving how we teach literature, English and basic vocabulary skills. This change was not a knee jerk reaction and its supporters seem to feel it is the future of education; however I can’t find comfort in this new development.

I wonder if our culture today has decided to stop fighting. Did we even know we were at war in our own communities? There was a time when generations were developed on the backbone of our fathers. We developed foundations that supported our dreams and our visions. And even though our own country was born out of dramatic change and revolutionary vision, the foundation of truth they laid out was based on foundational knowledge of the past.

As we move forward in 2010’s we seem to have crosses a barrier in thinking that has allowed our will to feel safe with out foundation. We seem to have moved to a place where flying before we know how to jump or land is thought to be proper technique in order to survive.

My question … or Warning is this. What happens when the winds change again and we have no foundational knowledge to once again ground us? Are we raising a generation of employees and children that have been feed a vision with no circumstances? Although I would comply that updating and reviewing past practices for relevance in today’s society is a very good task to tackle, I would suggest that we are leaping into new technology or fads of today’s reality with recklessness and would be wise to review our foundations before continuing forward.

To be continued


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