Stop being afraid to fail!

A great read. How often in our personal or business life do we fail by not attempting? Reminds me of a Book I just started reading called “The Mountain is you” reminding us that our fear motivations are the biggest obstacles for many of us to over come.
I also just finished the book Greenlights by Mathew mcconaughey which is about the spirt of looking for all the greenlight to move forward. Overcoming self limitations to discover the path forward.

Hope you enjoy this read from Beth Allison

Life...Take 2!

We all fail. Sometimes we fail big, something we fail small but inevitably we all fail at something at some point in our lives. Off the top of my head, right now, I can think of several things I have failed at over the years. Relationships, friendships, exams, even jobs, just to name a few….

The older I have gotten, though, the more I realize that while the word “failure” tends to have a negative connotation, I have learned so much from each of my own failures that that maybe failing isn’t so bad after all. While usually, at least initially, it kinda well sucks to fail at something, if you really stop to think about your own failures, haven’t you learned something pretty significant from each of those experiences? 

Maybe you just learn not to do that same thing again. Maybe you learn it is worth another shot but…

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