Greatness.. Leaves a Legacy

Greatness.. Leaves a Legacy

Today one of the greatest and most inspiring men of our history passed. Zig Ziglar at the 86 went home.  His Legacy of inspiring books nd quotes will live forever thanks to technology such as the internet. The lives he changed by reminding us all that the choice of greatness is ours and that God has already given us all the tools to reach our greatness, we just have to start, will be part of his legacy forever.

As he leaves us today it is now time that we all stand up and take Zig’s lead and inspire those around us, by showing an example of using positive attitude, Stubborn Persistence and unyielding compassion daily in our lives.

Zig Ziglar… A gift to our generation from God… His Legacy is now our responsibility.

Psychology of Relationship Selling in Social Media

The Psychology of Relationship Selling In the early ninety’s I was introduced to a great sales book called the Psychology of Relationship Sellingwritten by DR. Orv Owens.  In this manual for sales people the topic discusses the motivations of the buyer and the fear triggers of both the seller and the buyer, how they work together in the art of the sales process.  I am not an author of DR. Owens magnitude nor do I claim to understand phycology at his level. But referencing the book the other night I wondered how some of the insights of this manual may have changed in the new era of social media and the no face to face contact sales tools of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Since this is a Blog and not a book let me just focus of four comparisons to get the conversation started.

In his book Psychology of Relationship Selling Dr. Owens labels five  personalities / motivations which he challenges sales people to identify on first meetings and to quickly chart a course of communications that best fit that personality. Four of the five are Fear motivated Personalities and the Fifth is Love Motivated Personality.

The Five Motivations (personalities) of life:

Fatalist – Motivated by fear of failure / fear of responsibility –  This personality has traits of someone whom always has a story for not taking on responsibility , they stand you up on appointments, have bed credit and have a difficult time staying on one job.  This personality has a belief that every thing they try is a disaster and so the fear of failure makes them refuse to TRY.

Exasperator: – They are the Exasperators, they argue with you about everything.  If you say it is a beautiful day they will tell you it is the opposite.  They are physical beings. You see, with the exasperator, you are not their friend, you are THEIR FRIEND!  They own you! DR. Owens goes on to tell us that Exasperators are the guys that drive the steam roller on the highway repair crew, very energetic and physical.

Appraiser: –  The organized one in the crowd. They fear unorganized or non-structured environments. Accurate, accountable, Absolute, Anti-social the Appraiser might be best described with the word Actually. When saying the word Actually to n Appraiser you take them forward in the conversation because they are going to want to get pas the fat to the core of the issue.

Relater: – People oriented, they love the social world and love people. They fear ridicule so tend to keep it safe. They like to please everyone. Your Respect is their desired prize. A Give and receive attitude that centers around what they give and the thank you that you give back. They want some responsibility but maybe not the top or best in the office. They are reactionary in nature.

Love Motivated individuals: Have recognized the four fears above and conquered them: fear of rejection, fear of ambiguity, fear of loss of position and fear of failure.   Love motivated individual will have the following; love of self, love of authority, love of family, love of people, love of productivity. They are more friendly than the relater, but won’t get upset if someone dislikes them, they more of a perfectionist than the appraiser, but are flexible with people and perfectionists with things.

So how does that apply to Social Media in todays sales word?

First realize that all five traits are in everyone, but individuals will have a strong trait that drives their actions.

It might seem that the perfect answer would be that the Relater or the Love motivated individual would be the prefered customer or friend in social media but I feel that it is not about who is best but about if you can identify them and  customize communicate with them in order to move the prospect or friend into a customer.

Fatalists on Social Media could look like this:  They work hard at communicating with you, they seem engaged however always are missing a meeting or have an excuse why they have not finished an exercise you requested of them.  When you push them to commit they will disappear on you because they are sure that they about to fail or are going to lose miserably because they believe that they always fail.  These are the prospects that often sound like a positive lead that drag you along for as long as possible but then never come through. they are your pipeline clogger.

Exasperators: these are your Power friends on Facebook and Twitter. they respond to every photo and commit because they want everyone to know they own you.  They will test your patience, they will argue with you on everything. They are hard to get a commitment from because they enjoy the position of power and want buying to be their decision. And that is the key, you must give  them the power and make it sound like it is their idea, not only that but since it is their idea they are doing you a favor in buying it.

The Appraiser is definitely turned off by the unorganized social media presentation. A webinar with lots of disruption and un-organization will turn them off to your company or idea. You are considered dangerous or a company which can’t handle their important business. They will be impressed with dashboards and tools which give detailed reports. Great statistical analysis will give them a feeling of comfort and trust.

The Relater they love to follow you and listen to you and to share with you in order to gain respect. They will share insight and talk with you in length to understand the process, your part in the company and how your relationship will  continue in the future if they buy. It is important that this is a relationship that does not end with the sale.  this is the Facebook user that will commit on your status and will be hurt if you don’t commit on their commit. In the sales process you must commit to the relationship and show them respect and love in return.

The Love Motivated Consumer is all about the learning and growing of self.They appreciate your adding to the value of their lives and are encouraged by the new tools and education your bring to their lives. However they also don’t always feel like they need anything, they are good, they love the relationship part of the relationship but might not want to buy from you. they need you to be love motivated also, and will politely dismiss you if you are not. If you lose this sale you might check your motivations at the door.

If you would like to understand this more, do yourself a favor and get a copy of Dr. Orv Owens book. It is obviously more complicated than I have made it, but I thought the concept was something that needed to be explored. Give me some feedback and let’s develop this thought further.

Inventor of Social Marketing… Jesus Christ?

Ok so I am sitting in church today and the thought of Jesus walking among the people popped into my head. Not just walking among us but serving each of us, helping where we needed help most, providing information and guidance to all who asked. Yes he came to save us from our sins… let me not trivialize what the New Testament is meant for in our society, but have you ever stopped to think of the example he left for us in business and how we use social media.

We have been told that in Social Media and Social Marketing it is about what you give to a relationship that matters.  “Stop Selling” Bret L. Simmons says, social media is about giving information, giving assistance to those who need it, helping all that ask and are willing to communicate with you. It is about answering your critics with truth and knowledge. Imagine if Jesus would have had the internet 2000 years ago where we would be today with his message.

Is it that much of a stretch to think that Jesus Christ was the originator of what the makers of Facebook, My space and LinkedIn made so attractive to us all. The ability to communicate, listen, help and share to all that will listen and ask. 

This week as you twitter, Facebook, text, and link, remember the basic principles that we learn from Jesus:  Be truthful, be helpful, be a great listener, face your critics with integrity and truth and share all that you have in love.

Have a great week!

Act Now!

Wow, what a day Tuesday turned out to be.

I had the privilege of meeting the company president for Metalast in Minden Nevada, Listened to a speaker on personal branding and the use of social media Bret L Simmons, and was able to help a friend start the promotion of  her new book, Janie Johnson, Don’t take my Lemonade Stand.

What do these three have to do with anything you might ask? Well as I prepared for bed last night it just caught my attention that I was in the presence of three great people who no longer live with in the boundaries of other people. There are trailblazers, and they are making their own destiny, with passion, hard work and just a little bit of crazy.

These three individuals encapsulate the very visions of what I often am seeking on days that I just want to be in control. They have had a dream and a vision which is not uncommon through out society, except that they acted on this dream and made it a reality.

Another common trait I see in these leaders is that they stepped out from the norm and did something a little different. 

At Metalast they started so far down the food chain in the competitive world of Chemical engineering and metal corrosion that most in the industry would have never given the time of day. So what did they do?  They went to the end consumer and created demand by using a 40 foot moving lab with a big dinosaur painted on the side, and went door to door sort of speak to introduce their products possibilities and solutions to the end consumer. The end consumer then demanded that their suppliers use this company… Brilliant.

Bret Simmons saw the power of such tools as Twitter and Facebook in today’s marketplace and started to envision a future of content generation and powerful networks of people which did business together and started to help others by teaching them how to brand themselves professionally and to become a content leader on the new management and marketing edge of the planet.

Janie Johnson is the mother of four awesome young men. She is a typical mom of boys and can be scene and numerous practice facilities nightly as she takes her boys to events, practices and social gatherings. AS her sons started to age and the political culture of our country continued to change Janie wondered how she was going to teach her children the choices they had in politics without forcing them to follow her own views. She realized there was a need for  a book that help parents discuss and teach their children the American ways so that we were raising the next generation of leaders based on the values of America and not just on what they heard form the media.

 I must confess my initial jealousy of each of these three leaders. They to me embody the complete American experience of Freedom and self fulfillment.

 As I consider my lessons and think of how I or other business professionals can follow their lead, I am reminded of maybe on of the simplest rules in life. ACT NOW!

In one of my favorite all time books “The greatest salesperson in the world” by OG Mandino, it is written:

“My dreams are worthless,

my plans are dust,

my goals are impossible.

All are of no value unless they are followed by action.

I will act now.”

Freedom of Fear


Today I finished a two week training session with two new college students joining our staff. Boy do I recall my first weeks in the Newspaper business, such a naive belief in myself.  As I sat at lunch today with one of the new sales people I recalled a story that probably represents my career and this blog fairly well.

I was in my sixth or seventh year in the newspaper, and at this point in my career I was probably considered by some extremely cocky. This was truly a symptom of the success I had been able to accomplish to this point. This Cockiness I carried at that point allowed me to push the boundaries without fear. Fear of failure, retribution or even being fired. As I look back that might be the most confident I have ever been in life, the freedom I felt and the since of being bullet proof to what the world could possibly do to my path made me very aggressive and free of boundaries. My manager at the time was new to our team and had ideas about change that needed to take place, I tried hard to learn his ways and found that I did find great levels of success. However I pushed the boundaries on an idea I had and did not ask permission, why would I since I had always been a leader in sales on the team. Needless to say he was not happy and began to try and put me in my place, unfortunately for him I had reached that place of freedom that allowed me to challenge his tactics. That could have been the end of my career in this industry if this employer had been fast to anger and quick to fire.  Lucky for me and hopefully my future employers, he was not, and instead we found a balance in that argument, where we could both be confident in the relationship moving forward. The point is I was very confident and the thought or fear of losing my employment allowed me to speak freely and honestly in the face of conflict.

The challenge I ponder today is how I help develop young people, sales staff and even my own boys, to that level of confidence. Not Cocky, but free from boundaries of fear. So much in life for me has changed over time. The world has landed several strong punches which seem to have shaken my path to life from time to time, but I still know that feeling.

Was that something that was taught to me? I had employers and supervisors that helped me find freedom in creation, I had teachers that believed in me and dared me to succeed, and my own family obviously gave me a foundation which made me feel confident in my place in the world. But what gave me the strength to stand up to fear? God? Wife? Family? Success?

This question might just be too hard to determine the right answer. I do hold strong to my faith that God will never give me more than I can handle, however I learned early in my faith to make sure your prayers don’t ask for an opportunity to be tested.  And how do I train faith?

I guess if I had to leave my sons with a few words of wisdom it would be these:

  1. Hold Strong to your faith and your values in life. – These foundations will feed you confidence when you need them most.
  2. Never allow the fear of Money to be your ruler. –  The fear of loss when it pertains to items in your possession and the fear of loss in employment have made the majority of the unhappy people in this world.
  3. Live your dream daily – It is one thing to set your goals and shoot for the stars but I would argue that the rocket scientist which built the rocket was having a blast just thinking of all the ways to get it done. Your employment can enrich your life if you allow it to be the tools and fuel which moves your dreams to reality.
  4. When in doubt go for it! –  remember our maker will never give you more than you can handle. You were made for greatness and only your choice to turn away might be stopping you from achieving it!
  5. Remember your favorite things and do them often.