What are the boundaries?

If you are like me in the business world you find circumstances which frustrate you, because you don’t understand why or how you got boxed into a set of boundaries, solutions that you at this time don’t desire. This Blog will be my sounding board of ideas and thoughts on how business leaders, employees and consumers can change their boundaries with creative ideas and solutions.

How do we control the boundaries around us at all times?

It starts with awareness of your values. If you have been part of this world for any length of time, your patterns have been altered by the pressures or thoughts of others placed down upon you. If we are truly to be the controllers of our own boundaries then we must first step back and assess our values.

What do you stand for in life? What do you prepare your mind for each morning when you awake? What lines in the sand have you drawn that you are willing and able to stand and fight over?

If you are a small business owner, what values of your business are you proud of and willing to take to the bank?

I recently have gone through several hard choices in life and I sit here today asking these very question of myself.

My Values:

  1. My family will come before my mission.
  2. My work will nourish my passions
  3. My passions will be developed
  4. My friends will always be able to count on me.
  5. I will never stop learning
  6. I will stay focused and positive in all engagements.  (A SMOVER)
  7. I will be honest but carefull that my words don’t damage.
  8. I will coach up those around me.
  9. I will find joy in service to others and peace in the happiness experienced by those I serve.
  10. I will stay true to me.

Today build your set of Values. I believe your values may indeed change with time, however they are important to protect and keep close to you when you are faced with challenges.


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