Customer service is still alive!

I just returned from a morning date with my wife and just had to share this great customer service message.
After a find cup of coffee form Starbucks, Pepermint Mocha, we decided to head over to the local Game Stop Videon store to see if we could find that last minute gift for the children.
Have you ever noticed that when you get great customer service now a days that you kind of step back and don’t know how to handle it?
Well I have to give praise to Game Stop. These employees where in a great mood, and they seemed to know everything you could ever want to know about any game.
Made my wife, who is a huge customer service fanatic, tell me about how impressed she is with that company.
Just so you know that praise does not come often from her.

What ever happened to customer service in retail? Did WalMart and the giant box stores kill it?
Did consumers become so demanding that service is bogged down by dealing with those customers?
Anyhow, great job GameStop, You have hired properly for your niche and have reason to celebrate.


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