Nevada Business and Politics

Map of Nevada highlighting Storey County

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More Snow on the way. Ski resorts are doing the happy dance and local retailers are just hoping the roads do get so bad that no one comes shopping.  Life in the Sierra’s can be interesting for business owners.
Of course the snow is fantastic for our tourist based economy and will do wonders for our avoidance of a drought in the Nevada Desert. So signs of hope again will creep into our economy.
But the Storm that I am most interested in today is not the snow, but the storm at the legislator over the “Sex Industry of Nevada”. Wow is this going to get interesting. Morally I have no problem with what Mr. Reid suggested, seems like a “Sex Industry” trade would put  a potential negative mark on our state. I know that when I moved here that my wife openly was concerned about raising her children in a state where “Sex Industry” was promoted. I also know how as an employer in the state I have had to answer the questions from future employees about the perceived ” abundant Sex industry” in Nevada and the family atmosphere concerns they had before accepting the job.
However if I can take the Moral issue and put it aside for just a few minutes, I find that I don’t, as a businessman, agree with MR. Reid. It is just not logical. The “Sex industry” in our state is a county regulated industry, which produces income, tourist attraction, and a non-illegal base for sexual activity. By telling Storey County that they have to shut down their thriving industry in order that the State can potentially profit from business movement to Nevada is a very weak campaign.
 A couple of thoughts here to consider:
1) If you do shut down the industry, and are successful in bringing in new companies because of it, they are not going to relocate to Storey County. So you end up creating blighted areas of the state that now must get assistance from the state to fund its activities because of lost revenue. Plus the now voided need for these activities are picked up by Pimps (Sexual entrepreneurs) and the industry hits the streets instead of the Cathouse. Nevada’s image will not improve anymore than if you had the show RENO911 eliminated from the cable stations.

2) Casino’s are already handicapped by the competitive indian casino action at our borders. One of the features that they have to stand apart from our neighbors is access to the “Sex Industry”. Nobody wants to say it but it does have influence. “What happens here stay here remember”.  Park your car along hwy 50 coming from Tahoe or HWY 395 coming from Reno for a day and watch how many limo’s are bringing clients down to MoundHouse to enjoy the Tourist activities.

3) Learn from California , I have not seen many industries stay away from California because they are the PORN capital of the world.  Or because you can pick up a hooker (Sexual worker) at any busy intersection in every Metro region of the state.  The Fact is that Business owners will move here for better tax structure, better living, great pools of employee to pull from and opportunity to grow business.  Show me one company that says it is because we are a more wholesome place to live and I will show you a company that is just trying to tell you no politely. They just don’t want to come and are using the Sex industry as their excuse to say no, because they know you will not have a good excuse to resell them on Nevada.
No I think we are better off leaving the industry alone and focusing on the other issues that will bring Big business to Nevada: 1( Larger Educated Employee Pool – Might want to start by funding the education system with teachers instead of Executives. 2) Opportunity to Grow, Develop better trade routes and communication networks that help Business grow globally from Nevada. 3) Taxes, well we already do that don’t we.
Anyhow that is just one mans opinion…What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Nevada Business and Politics

  1. I’m with you and not Reid on this one. Leave the brothels alone. Legalized prostitution and gambling? And the state is able to make money off of it? Progressive in every sense of the word. Your state just does it using the world’s oldest profession and an equally old pastime. Great post! 🙂

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