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Read this Blog post today and had to hare.  Enjoy.

Life Without Twitter – An Infographic

Posted May 7, 2011 by Jessica Meher with 3790 reads

Do you love Twitter? Imagine if the popular social media tool didn’t exist. What would be different?

Once we adapt to using something so regularly, it’s funny to think if it had never existed. Cars, electricity, mobile devices, and even widely used social media networks.

In the case of Twitter, would another similar social site exist instead? Would Facebook become more open?

HubSpot takes a humorous approach to what the world would be like without Twitter in this a new infographic:

Download the .pdf version here (includes interactive links)

What do you think would be different without Twitter?

About Jessica Meher

Jessica Meher is an emerging thought leader in the technology industry and is marketing manager at HubSpot, a fast-growing software company based in Cambridge, MA.

via Life Without Twitter – An Infographic | Social Media Today.


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