What a complicated word! Change!
The master of action words, change is undeniable.

It has been a while since my last blog, but this simple action item is to blame. Not only have I changed, my daily routine, financial situation, and time with my business, but I went to work for a company that spends 365 days a year working on Change as a core product that they develop, package and support.

Let me introduce to you The Change Companies. A 20 year old family owned business which publishes Evidence-based materials to help people that are in trouble, addicted, socially challenged, or convicted of such crimes as DUI make positive lasting life changes.

But this post is not about The Change Companies or a commercial, we don’t sell to the open public. However I must tell you about the culture of Change Companies.

The Change Companies has completely changed my view of the business world. As a manager of people I always thought that I was good with most people. I held high expectations for those around me but in turn I gave them extraordinary freedom in their work day. What my style created was a group that loved me and a group that took advantage of me and that would eventually did not like me because I just could not stand being taken advantage of after giving so much freedom. So what makes the Change Companies Different.

B.O.P.E Time! A Brief Opportunity for Performance Excellence!

This is something that is encouraged at the Change Companies every hour – hour and a half. An opportunity to get up from your work, mingle together as a group and do a little exercise. Yes that is right, you will find Hula Hoops, Weights, push up contests, head stands and a walk around the building with a teammate.
Now B>O>P>E> Time may sound a little silly but it is a foundation of the culture I now work in and wish to share. Imagine an employer which has fairly strict guidelines on how business is done, but then during the day you see them doing jumping jacks, throwing paper in the air because someone left it on the copy machine too long, and playing with the office cat. This is the same employer which brings fresh cut flowers in everyday that we hit our daily goal the day before. Not just for the building but for every single desk. They reward their team when the the company is doing well not by small insignificant prizes but with substantial rewards for a select few that are sure to make a difference in their lives.
More than these small things the thing that is catching my attention is that they truly believe in Change, They believe Change is not only possible, but that we control a great portion of it! All Change is Self Change!

My career is changing and I am proud to cal the Change Companies my partner in Change.


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