Social Media is not the death of Marketing!

I read an opinion column the other day stating that Social Media had killed marketing. I had to stew on this one for a few days. Because there have been times that I have seen companies go all in with social media only to see sales fall and business vanish.
However, have to disagree with this stance. Social Media in its expanding and very vocal form is creating more opportunity and buzz for brands, both personal and corporate, then any media before it’s time.
The Challenge as I see it has not been the invention or use of social media in business, it has been the failure to build a marketing plan that included Social media, but did not solely rely on social media.
Social Medias audience in whole is something of extraordinary site. There are more people goggling right this minute then we even know how to measure in the marketing world. The audience is large and in relation to most of our businesses of very little value. But yet every day we see small business invest in Social media and lean in to the vast options and marketplaces with the assumption that the audience is listening and read to buy from them today. (Failure)
They miss that Social Media is about engagement and being social. It is about sharing value and adding to the conversation. It is about waiting for them to ask you what you have to offer and then deciding that they want to try it and share with others.
Sales is still about asking for the sale, so if your business marketing plan is dependent on the final sale, Social media can not be your largest tool in the tool box. It is a tool but not the only tool. It is the Chocolate chip to the cookie if you will. It adds value both short and long term, but ultimately picking up the phone and doing a sales call will produce a sales quicker.
There are some great companies out there training businesses how to develop inbound marketing sales engines. They do work, with time and the right mix of application. But will they ever replace the local ad channels, or telephone sales staff?
If your considering Social media in any form in your business here are a couple tips to consider:
1) What is your threshold for sales today? How many sales must you have to break even in today’s marketplace? Does your current marketing efforts add value to your sales totals today?
2) Which channel in Social media is appropriate for my business. If you sell B2B is Facebook the right channel? Does the demographics of Pintrest make since for your business?
3) Are you prepared to communicate and be social on social media?
4) Can you build content or generate a plan to create original content. (Content is King)
5) Have a patient consistent plan and Social Media will work, But in the mean time use traditional sales approach, traditional media outlets locally that have been proven to drive a sale when needed.

Social Media

How much is too much?


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