Door to Door Magic.

Today I had the joy of going door to door with my youngest son as he tried to raise funds for his Pop Warner football program. I was very proud of him as he went through the thought process of setting a goal for the day and kept working until he achieved his goal.

When he asked me this morning if I would take him around, I was excited. I remember learning my first door to door sales pitch at about the same age of 10-12 and remembered how great it felt to make that first sale. I wanted him to share in that experience and feeling, so I took the time to do a little coaching and teaching before we left.

Door to Door short list of to dos:

  1. Set a goal
  2. Commit to a direction and time line.
  3. Practice a value pitch ( elevator speech)
  4. Stay positive
  5. Remember it is a numbers game
  6. Say hi, introduce yourself
  7. Speak up , be confident and clear about what you are doing
  8. Welcome questions and answer honestly
  9. Say thank you and be courteous
  10. Repeat often.


I am sure there are tons of lists and other options people could add to this list. Share yours.

My son took these lessons, practiced for about 15 minutes this morning and we hit the street for about 1 hour. He was able to have success in about 80% of his calls and hit his goal.  He was so excited and told me that that was actually fun.  

Door to Door sales might be one of the best teaching courses that anyone could experience, I hope I can get my sons out again so that they continue to build confidence in themselves and learn that in life if you set your goals, take action, and ask for what you want you can achieve your goals with a little effort and work.


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