Cross the line and move

Cross the line…..
It has been a few weeks since I found the motivation to blog. Motivation to Blog? Why do I need Motivation to share my voice?
I watched a short video today from one of my linked in groups (Smoover) called Cross the line. Its simple message is one about boundaries we place around ourselves and that others put around us, (eggshells) which prevent us from moving.
Cross the line and do something extraordinary today. I have heard this before in many different self help books. Be part of the 5% which move this world, not the 95% which sit and watch it move. I have heard that on also and yet I still find myself fascinated with these simple words that apply to everyone’s life.
You know I believe that this has been a movement for centuries and yet most of us still do not cross the line. This vary Blog was created for me to help encourage people to move the boundaries in life and in marketing, and so that I may cross the line.

What line are you staring at?
I stare at a line which holds my future? Do I cross into a world that filled with promise, movement, excitement and uncertainty? Or do I protect what I have built and nurture my eggshells? (Watch the video you will understand).

In the movie The Rookie, the main character confronts his father about the decision to do what is safe or to do what he dreams. His father utters the classic line “It’s ok to dream of what you want to do … until it is time to do what you ought to do”. If you have not seen the movie, it was not what he wanted to hear and he chooses instead to cross the line and follow his dreams. (Don’t we often fight our father’s advice, LOL)

Training sales people for a living I encourage and teach young people daily to tackle there fears and to believe in themselves daily in a field that is filled with rejection. I use sites like to find motivational words and phrases that keep people focused on possibilities and success. As I watched this video today I realized once again that all the motivation in the world and all the training and tips I can give some one, success still comes down to a single simple action, Step across the line and move.
Thank you to Mr. Parker for sharing your talents and creating a world where we are encouraged to share, love and lift up those around us. I hope by sharing my thoughts today that more people will find your site and work to become a SMOOVER.


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