Tips to buying newspaper in 2011 marketing plan.

Buying Newspaper

Things to consider when putting your print marketing plan in place for 2011.


  1. Is Newspaper one of the top two items in this year’s budget?  For all the talk of Newspapers death they still control the largest single mass audience locally in almost every marketplace. They should be considered a top priority at least in your peak seasons.
  2. Plan ahead and save. Newspaper is still a bulk buy opportunity. The beast rates are reserved for those who make the long-term commitment. Don’t just buy the next sale that they bring to the door. Demand an annualized schedule with the rate savings breakdown at various levels around your budget. Also consider using multimedia with the paper and you will often get even better discounts.
  3. Color.  Add color when ever available. I even suggest reducing ad size in order to afford color. Color ads are read 60% more frequently.
  4. Targeted Special Sections. – Newspapers are the kings of targeted special sections. They offer a great source for customized editorial content or at least content related to industry if planned out accordingly. Ask your rep to provide you in advance the Special sections calendar for items that most closely match your desired demographics.
  5. How do newspaper readers relate with your other marketing programs? Newspaper readers are still a more affluent and more educated group than most other marketing silos. However it is important to understand how they use other media. Do they watch TV or are they to busy. Do you need to include a website which caters to more information and less entertainment. Can you capture them online and in mobile marketing also.  Give some thought to how the consumer will interact with multiple media in your marketing plan.
  6. Make a good offer. Newspaper readers are the most loyal of all consumers. However they are also the most unlikely to try a new product or company unless they are given a really good offer. 20% off just will not cut it. If you are looking to grow market share using newspaper you have got to make it worth while for them to stop using their preferred provider and try you. Reality is if you have tried newspaper before and did not like the return then one of two things accord. Your offer was not good enough or your company has a reputation compared to the competition that prevented you from getting the business.  The loss of 100 subscribers this quarter did not change your results.

 Newspaper has changed. They now own the largest web traffic sites in your local community also, along with multiple offerings to reach the consumer. They should still be considered a major player in your marketing message in 2011. However Gone are the days that they are the only player in your marketing plan. You must diversify your marketing and develop online sources, direct mail sources and mobile sources for your consumers to find you repeatedly. Newspapers have tried to adapt and offer services but are often late to the party and are playing catch up.  



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