Why do you need a short-code in 2011?

The sooner your business plan embraces mobile marketing the quicker you will see renewed growth in all your marketing efforts. Thanks to the  likes of American Idol and reality voting shows short code marketing is now a mainstream success.

Business owners in just about every field can find success using short-code and SMS  opt -in Marketing.

Imagine… a local bar offering a free drink by simply sending in a txt to the 123456 with a the key word margarita. They would instantly get results plus would capture all the text lines of their customers that opted in to the promotion for future marketing.


How about the local retailer who post in their store to text in “save now” to their short code 234567, the customer receives a 20% one item in store today coupon creating instant urgency to buy an item, ( what if the discount only applies to an item which you are overstocked in) and the retailer now has a prefered discount club that they can send weekly sale events to via text.

There are thousands of possibilities, you just need a creative and thought out plan.

Are there pitfalls?  Yes there are, consumers trust is not to be messed with, and if you abuse the system the consumer will opt out and likely tell many about their displeasure in your efforts. That is why you need a written well thought out plan on how you would use SMS text marketing to grow business.

In 2011 get a short code for your business. They are affordable and depending on the plan can be re-used for many promotions.


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