Can Superbowl promotions move to mobile or web?

Watching the NFL playoffs this weekend I have already spotted some creative work on commercials for the NFL post season. The one that stood out most by the way for me was the Mentos commercial. When was the last time you saw a mentos commercial?

Regardless it got me thinking about Superbowl Commercials and if new media avenues will or have started to develop enough of an audience to create the same viral buzz in marketing?

Could a local or regional company run a combination Newspaper or Direct Mail  campaign inviting locals to text in Short code for a special online contest that had some awesome prize?  Think about it.  Instead of spending millions on a national level or paying the local Superbowl commercial rates you could put on an entire event using Newspaper or Direct Mail and probably save money. (by the way have I told you before that Newspapers still have more circulation in most markets than the number of people who will watch the Superbowl in the same market)

Free Idea for event in Northern Nevada,  Place a Broad Based Media buy for Superbowl weekend. (Newspaper, Direct Mail, TV), Purchase a short code from a local short code supplier, (short code is a unique code that is assigned to you and consumers use to text in an entry), and build a contest with a cool local prize.  Let’s say Season Pass to Wolf Pack Football in 2011.

Consumers are invited to text in your company name to 368266 for a special code that will enter then into a chance to win season pass.  Consumer then logs into website, facebook page or mobile website to enter code and contact information.  (Codes will not be unique and every customer will be entered to win.)  You have now captured through an opt in system, mobile phone, customer contact info, e-mails etc…

After the Superbowl you immediately pick a winner and text back out to all mobile users the winner with one simple congratulations note.  Followed up with an e-blast to all entries for a special sales event or offer to your company in the next week if with this e-blast coupon or sales flyer.

Ok that is a crude and fast Superbowl promotion.  But I believe it has some merit and could end up being a great local event.

Have fun and remember that your business can thrive in 2011 with the right marketing mix.


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