Who is talking about you?

I had the pleasure today to once again hear Bret L. Simmons speak about the power of Social media and personal branding.  In the course of training with a hundred local business leaders in our community Bret used me as an example. I admit it felt really cool too have someone I respect  recognize me in a room of  my peers  in our business community.  

I know this is not about me, but it got me thinking about contacts we make in life and if we understand  what the value of what others say about us has to our business.

Bret today spoke of how he uses twitter to speak of both: positive company interactions and negative interactions. Social Media has allowed him to see instant reaction in both the positive and negative of customer service.  Wow, have you thought about the power of social media as it relates to customer service.

What if that last customer was not satisfied for any reason and is right now blogging, texting, or Twittering all their contacts to tell them of the bad experience. I am not sure we would conclude that any press is good press in this case. Of course the same thing is said in the reverse, if we exceed expectations can we count on the same consumer now telling their world about your great company. How do you know if this is happening to you and your business? 

So who is talking about you?

Are you helping them with what to say or just letting it happen? 

Social Media = word of mouth marketing on steroids! 

If you are involved with the running or marketing of a company, be it small or large, you had better be listening to the social media world. The networks of people can quickly become huge and the last thing you want is for a single bad event to turn into a face book page such as 24hourfitnesssucks (which by the way is a real facebook page)

If you are local business that has not adopted social media plans into your business I would suggest redoing your marketing plan for 2011. Include Social media, Invite the public to get more from you in 2011, help them find the right words to say about your company, and start listening to what they are saying.


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