Trade Show and Event Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

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Do you have your business scheduled for a trade show or an event this spring?

I have spoken with several business owners in the last few weeks and thought it would be a good topic for me to get out. I have a few strong beliefs on the mistakes that business owners make at trade shows or events and a couple of suggestions to help you make a better marketing strategy. For the sake of this conversation we are going to assume that trade shows and events are relatively the same.

So here is the where I need to make a point:  Why do people come to events or trade shows? To Buy?  Or to socialize and browse? I believe that 95% + of all visitors are there for the latter. So my opinions on this matter take that assumption as reality.


  1. Just assume that your marketing materials will make them want to buy.
  2. Assume they came because they were interested and are a warm lead.
  3. Your free give away will be enough to sway them to give you a try.
  4. Assume that the e-mail they gave you was the best way to contact them. (ever heard of a junk e-mail folder)
  5. Fail to follow-up with leads


  1. Get a short Code and invite them to become a TXT Vip for additional savings.
  2. Hand them a discount card / coupon  for your website or their next visit. Make it a really attractive offer that will bring them back.
  3. Invite most interested to an after hours cocktail event to discuss additional opportunities to connect (best for business to business)
  4. Post company invitations around event center driving them to your booth. (might be a great way to use the TXT marketing system)
  5. Ask for best contact information, don’t be afraid to make sure you are not going to end up in spam, and let them know you will be contacting them.
  6. Smile and enthusiastic about meeting them.  People remember the booths or stores at an event that make it enjoyable for them and not just a sales presentation.

Remember that 95% are there to socialize, get free items, and to see what is new. You need to do a lot of show and tell but also need to encourage them to come again when they are ready to shop. 

Have a great event season.


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