What NFL Players Can Need to Learn About Target Audience

not engagedWe are five weeks into the NFL season in 2017. And the Firestorm created by the actions of Collin Kaepernick in 2016 has boiled over into a political gas fire in 2017 as President Trump and the NFL Players have erupted into a consuming news frenzy that has divided a nation further and galvanized the hearts of fans bass across the world.

I read today that NFL ticket sales are down over 15% and that TV viewership of the NFL is also in decline after many who have witnessed the protests, actually canceled direct TV packages. The once invisible NFL media front is taking a beating right alongside the President.

As I am reading articles posted today that the NFL is now asking owners to move on from the Anthem Protests and that they are considering new rules that force players to stand for the anthem, it struck me from a  business marketing standpoint that the players need to learn about target audience. Their right to protest for what they believe is an American right, their venue has incredible reach so it seems on the surface to be a legitimate, (although I don’t approve) way of expressing to a large crowd their displeasure and hope for change. However, the most basic mistake is the same that so many business people make when buying media ads or using Social channels. They forget to check who the audience is and what they are there at that time to receive.

If you got a young NFL talent alone and could talk marketing, you could take just a few minutes to explain that Audience size is only part of the equation. You could explain that the Audience Core Beliefs and Attitudes, as well as Audience intentions and Timing, play a key role in the success of a campaign.  For example, if the Audience is all Women who have cat allergies, showing up with free kittens to give away would just be wrong! Or if the Audience you are entertaining is all Vegans then doing a BBQ Rib dinner is just plain disrespectful.

The NFL Audience is so big that there are segments of every cross culture, I get that. But at the core of this audience, there is the general rule of entertainment and release/belonging.  At this core, the idea of political unrest, passionate display of disrespect, or asking the fan base to choose a side in a fight they just don’t understand, in the place they came to be entertained, is just confusing and disinteresting.  But throw in the cultural aspects of the American Flag, and country symbolism with our military and the NFL players had themselves a no-win situation.  Marketing managers all over the country should lose a month’s pay for allowing them to make a foolish display to the wrong audience.

When I speak to my audience in business it is always a topic of conversation. Should I sell on Facebook?  I love this radio Station, I should buy an ad here, shouldn’t I?  All the kids are on You-Tube maybe we should get a channel and post some funny videos?  It is always a great conversation when we break down those questions an ask, ok so who is the target audience you are trying to reach? Why will that audience care about your message? What are they looking for in the purchase decision?  Are they using that channel as an influence to lifestyle or purchasing behavior?

NFL players needed a marketing lesson before taking the bait from President Trump.  Trump has mastered the Marketing profile of his audience. He knew exactly how NFL players would react and how his Audience, greatly NFL watches and fans, would turn on the players once they choose sides.  We can Argue Trump ridiculous habits and decisions later, but just as he embarrassed the democratic party and Hillary in November of 16, he is making a mockery of groups all over the US who choose to react to his antics before considering the audience.

You want to beat Trump’s antics, you should have stood for the Anthem, then held an open house for emigrants and veterans after a game. Invited your audience to stay and raise money for awareness. Told their stories and made America turn on Trump. You should have been a little more like JJ Watt with Hurricane Harvey and used your influence to inspire people, to challenge us to care about their community and to give unselfishly.  That was a brilliant use of your medium and audience power to do good and affect real change in America.

5 – Tips for checking your Audience vs Your Mission before hitting send on your message:

  1. Review the core Audience Demo – Who is the Audience of this Channel or Event?
  2. Seek to understand Audience Motivations – Why is the Audience here, What do they Care About? What Core Beliefs might they have?
  3. Decide if the Channel of Promotion is an area where audience prefers to receive your message – where does this audience most likely to receive my message the most positively?
  4. Check your message to see if it is good for the consumer or only good for you? Am I making a statement to make me feel better, or am I providing a solution that helps my consumer?
  5. Find a Filter – Someone you can trust to check your audience and your mission to see if they messages match.

I’m certain the NFL will recover over time. But like many small and local business learn the mistake of not targeting your audience correctly with proper well thought out messages can be costly.






Greatness.. Leaves a Legacy

Greatness.. Leaves a Legacy

Today one of the greatest and most inspiring men of our history passed. Zig Ziglar at the 86 went home.  His Legacy of inspiring books nd quotes will live forever thanks to technology such as the internet. The lives he changed by reminding us all that the choice of greatness is ours and that God has already given us all the tools to reach our greatness, we just have to start, will be part of his legacy forever.

As he leaves us today it is now time that we all stand up and take Zig’s lead and inspire those around us, by showing an example of using positive attitude, Stubborn Persistence and unyielding compassion daily in our lives.

Zig Ziglar… A gift to our generation from God… His Legacy is now our responsibility.

Thinking of Changing from Direct Sales to Inbound Marketing?

I recently had a conversation with a very successful business owner regarding the changing of company marketing success.  He has run a very successful direct sales company for the past twenty plus years and is now intrigued, curious would be the word he would use about how inbound marketing could change the scope and future of his business. This question is being asked by many, I assume, whom have built successful businesses using the old word marketing techniques (Newspaper, TV, Direct Sales).

As we sat and discussed the future and the power of using inbound marketing strategies for the future of the company I became concerned for not only the directions our conversation was taking but what many executives may be doing to their now successful business model. Are they jumping ship for another vessel which will not carry as much load?

My Point: Inbound Marketing, Social Media and Web-based marketing practices are great power pack of energy for a company, They can take a successful, well run business with the right vision and aptitude to fantastic new heights in business.  They however are not the next bigger and greater thing for all companies. With out the proper foundation of business and support Inbound Marketing and Social Media are a lot like switching your Newspaper budgets to Radio and Dropping your core vehicle for marketing. It just never works, you get a new exciting single success in the meantime lose all your marketing momentum.

Example: I ran the print marketing for a company in Boise Idaho in the late 90’s and I will never forget the mistake this business owner made. He had in the marketplace the number 2 furniture store in the Metro area at that time and ran a comprehensive marketing plan on TV and in Newspaper every week. His Audience expected him to be there. His largest competitive nightmare (RC Wiley) had just come to town and had already put several of his competitors out of business. His marketing strategy was working and he was actually gaining share in a more competitive market. He made a rash decision one day in early spring to drop his Newspaper Budget and sink into a New Radio Promotion with targeted Direct Mail.  Long Story Short 30 days later he had his worst moth of sales in over 10 years, he immediate switched back to his original marketing and it took him over one year to get sales back to the same levels as before the rash decision.  His audience  did not know how to find him and perceived that in the new competitive market he was no longer a player and found alternatives.

Five tips to consider when starting your Inbound Marketing Program:

  1. What are my goals and expectations – set clear-defined goals for growth in your company. Remember these tools are meant to add to the company’s current audience base, not become the new smaller more connected audience.
  2. Designate the proper staffing for your inbound marketing strategy. Asking your current team to add it to their plate or to switch their focus will only deteriorate the success you are already having and translate into a flat or the deterioration bottom line.
  3. Set realistic Time Tables for growth – Inbound Marketing is not Direct Mail, you can’t count success in a week. You must build the audience, nurture the audience and then feed the audience before it will grow.
  4. Keep working you already have a successful business model, don’t stop jump off the boat and swim for the other ship just because it looks exciting. Your current ship is already going the right direction. Inbound and social media marketing should just help you gain more speed and collect more passengers.
  5. Commit – You can not be successful in Inbound marketing by just signing up. You most commit to the process. You must provide content, provide service, launch multiple strategies and measure response and adjust, again and again. This is why it is important to dedicate a staff or agency to helping you work this engine. Inbound marketing and social media marketing demand active participation.
So if trying to decide how to enhance your direct sales team with inbound marketing is your mission, Go for it. You will see great success and a big potential for success. If you goal is to turn inbound marketing into your new sales company, caution, you make be jumping off into a smaller vessel that is not meant to take you on the long journey of success.

Business Marketing advice from Harry Potter

Albus Dumbledore

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I just got home from seeing the final chapter of Harry Potter.  It is ok, I will not be sharing the all important movie parts if you have not seen the movie, Just one line.

So how does Harry Potter and Business marketing relate accept for the fact their franchise is the one of the richest success stories in Hollywood history?  Let me not hold you in suspense…..

In the final Chapter Harry and Dumbledore do have one more conversation together and Dumbledore corrects an earlier line from the second film “The Chamber of Secrets“that really hit me as a great point in marketing. Do you remember the line “There will always be help at Hogwarts when you ask for it?” In this film he corrects himself and says that help will always be there for those who deserve it?  Quite a difference in those lines in life and in business.

Your business was built with your own sweet and dreams, and you probably have worked harder than anyone will ever know to get it growing. My Question is have you earned your customers and do you deserve their loyalty?

In today’s fast paced Social Driven Marketing world there is advice and tips every where on how to gain thousands of fans, followers and connections. It seems that many of the tips follow the same path as Dumbledore in the Chamber of Secrets – all you need to do is asked for friends, followers and connections and your Social Media and Marketing troubles are rescued and your will be victorious.  But how true is the corrected statement, help is for those who deserve it?  There are thousands of business people who have started gung-ho on social media adventures, gaining handful of fans, connections or followers as they added content and conversation online, only to find their fans did not share, their cash registers did not ring and they felt hey were wasting their time on meaningless conversation.

Why then are so many teaching that social media is the perfect marketing tool? That this single marketing tool can change the landscape of your business? Because it can and has for those who have earned it! The  individuals which stayed connected and invested their time, thoughts and expertise not to just enrich their pockets but to help others enrich theirs.  They gave first and continued to give of their knowledge until they had earned the right to ask for help, then their followers, connections and friends sprang to action and helped them succeed in their plans and business success.

If you are starting a social media campaign or have lost hope in your campaign take these tips seriously.  Victory in social media marketing is not for the ones who just show up and ask for help, you must earn the right to receive the help.

5 – Tips to get you started:

  1. Share you knowledge – you have a knowledge base, you might not think it is much but you do have a knowledge base share it freely. Yes if you have the secret recipe you don’t have to share it, but you can share tips and knowledge that will help others create their own secret recipe
  2. Share your answers –  invest time on the social media front helping others get the answers they need to be successful or find enjoyment.
  3. Share your advice – Who, what, when, why?  Pretend you’re a newspaper reporter and you have to interview yourself for an article. Remember the 4 W’s and start writing.
  4. Share your encouragement – People love to help people that make them feel good about themselves. Make someone else feel special
  5. Share your visions and dreams – What do you want the world to look like. Tell us. Yes you might get ridiculed from some but mostly you will help the best of us believe in you. And until we believe in you we will never promote or stand up for you.
So there you have it, Social Marketing tips from Harry Potter.  The movie is worth the price of admission.


12 Essential Facebook Stats [Data]

These three are all you need to understand. Facebook is huge, learn it, use it and adapt with it!

1. 93% of adult US Internet users are on Facebook. source: BlogHer, April 2011

2. One out of every eight minutes online is spent on Facebook. source: ComScore, February 2011

3.The average Facebook user spends more than 11 hours per month on Facebook. sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics, June 2010 & Facebook Press Room, 2011

via 12 Essential Facebook Stats [Data].