Targeted Global Marketing

I remember speaking with business owners in years past about why they believed they did not need the internet. You remember them, the business owners who had no need for the world to find them, they were a local business.

Then we switched gears and started promoting Hyper Local  Marketing, and that made sense to many and online ad revenues in local market’s started to climb. Well today as I am communicating with companies half way around the globe that either have interest in my services or are a company which can help me serve my local business community with more creative and unique solutions, I realized what social media has done is create a Targeted Global community.

A targeted global community, a community with Hyper (Local) interests, wich is to say that they are personal and intimate interests not held with in geographic boundaries.  A small business can now communicate with resources 24/7 from all corners of the globe. They can find new and innovative solutions, creative ideas, cost savings, product improvements and yes even business partners and customers.

So the is the first rule of Marketing  still true?  (Location, location, location)?

I don’t know as I write this I have the funniest feeling that I am late to the party and everyone has already figured this out, or have they. I still see thousands of business owners without a web site, without a social media connection, without a diversified supplier list. They look at social media as a giant waste of time because they know that if they just pick up the phone  and dial the next prospect or that old reliable service ( which doesn’t seem to be as good as it once was) that business will get done and sales will come.These are the battles that business owners must get through in a hurry.

Business Real estate is being taken right now. Taken by the few which have jumped in both feet and said I will not quit. They are determined to build relationships in a very targeted global community. With people who offer wisdom, service, solutions that they need to move to the next level of business.   They are securing real estate in places like Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Linkedin, WordPress, you tube, Manta etc…  A Global Mall-without-walls of business and consumer communication that is building new empires and new celebrities.

Targeted Global Marketing, sounds like an oxymoron, but on LinkedIn today I spoke with business people in three different countries in the matter of an hour on the same topic. Business was good.

Get on Get started and start your Global Targeting today.


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