Superbowl Commercials – Winners and Losers

Ok, before I start I must let you know that I am a Superbowl Fanatic. I love to watch this game. I don’t like Superbowl parties because there is too much non-Superbowl chatter happening. 

BUT!  I do love the commercials.

So here are my best and worst of the Superbowl Commercials of 2011:

1) Doritos – Office dude licks the other guys fingers.  Commercial made me laugh out loud. Everyone has that one product that they hope they can lick the plate in the end. Sniffing the cheese on the guys pants just made this commercial unforgettable to me.  Great work Doritos.

2) Pepsi Max –  Girlfriend throws can at boyfriend who is looking at blonde jogger, He Ducks and the can blindsided the jogger.  Very Funny. I don’t remember any thing else on the commercial but the wandering eyes of this guy just causes all kinds of trouble for this unsuspecting jogger. Of course the best is that they both run off and leave the scene.  HAHA!

3) VolkswagenDarth Vader in training. Little boy is trying to conjure up the force and move objects. Dad hits the cars lights with a remote and freaks the kid out because he thinks he actually did it.  Ok I admit I am a star wars freak so it hit a soft spot with me. (They also scored in the end with me for the New Beetle commercial.  Very creative and well done.)

4)Doritos’s – Bringing back the dead.  Cleaver, bringing Grandpa Back from the ashes..   Sick maybe, but cleaver. 

5)Chrysler – Motor City – Built in America – I like the story telling in this commercial. Great timing in a country with little self-worth. Detroit needs it, and America needed to hear it. Well done.

Near Top five

Chevrolet transformers–  I almost missed this commercial and had to look it up online or probably gets a better result.

Five Misses –

1)Bud Light – Movie set.  Just missed to many way to make it funny. Looked desperate.

2)Go DaddyJoan Rivers – Wow what a disappointment from this creative company. By the way who in Hollywood is being paid off  to sell America and the world the idea that Joan Rivers is anything but old and needs to retire.

3)E-Trade – The old man and the E-trade Baby.  That was just too weird. Maybe the baby is just getting old.  ( Sneezing Cat one was good, made me laugh.)

4)Coke – Dragon Wars??? – Ok this commercial did have some cool effects but I felt like I needed another half hour of film in order to understand why this was relevant. I must not be Cokes Target Market.

5)Brisk Ice Tea with Emmen.  Probably just not the right target audience here again, but that seemed like a total waste of 3 million dollars.

So what are your favorites? 


5 thoughts on “Superbowl Commercials – Winners and Losers

  1. Charlie–Little Darth Vader was definitely one of my favorites. I also liked the other Pepsi Max commercial.

    Wasn’t a fan of the Doritos commercial where the guy was licking the other guy’s fingers (kinda made my butt pucker. LOL). But also liked the Doritos commercial when he brought gramps back from the grave.

    The Chrysler commercial was great too.

    Overall, I felt the quality was down a bit this year and for people paying $3 million for :30 seconds of fame, they should have invested a little more in their creative budgets. (Or, as in the case of Coke, a little less as simpler would have played better…)

    My two cents.

    • Charles,
      Thanks for the support. Darth Vader was popular with my family. I would agree it did not seem like there were many companies swinging for the fence on these commercials.

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